About Us

We, that means Karin (1962), Lothar (1951) and Josefine (1932), have a small Cattery in the heart of the  Ruhrgebiet/Germany.At this moment we are living with 4 females and 8 neuters. Our cats lives inside with us, they walk around as they please and they also sleep in our beds. We have a cat run, so they can run around in our garden. 



As everything began:

In January of 1998 we fall in love to a 5 month old Nowergian Forest Cat. His name was Earl Grey`s Carlos Santana. His temper was so lovely ,and so we get the 2nd Norwegian Forest Cat and than a 3 rd and ....

In February of 1999 we went to our first Cat Show. It was so interesting and it should get our passion.

The females developed very well, they where often nominated and they gets many BIS/BIV. So we start looking for a male. After a long search we found our dreammale: Elessarīs Bocelli.


We donīt sell kittens on the net to anybody unknown, if youīre interested on a kitten you have to be ready to pay us a visit.